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The plant «Eurovent» was founded in 2001. From the beginning of its activity the plant had started the issue of round blowing engines of a helical keystone type of a Swiss technology SPIRO firm and rectangular blowing engines on eurotyre (class П), being intended for mounting of ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The plant «Eurovent» is supplied with modern import equipment of Germany, Switzerland production. That allows us to produce ventilation equipment adhering the technology and quality of the European level completely.

Incomplete list of the equipment offered:

- Central conditioners;
- Plenum utilities;
- Recuperators;
- Systems of automation;
- Mixing units;
- Aspirators;
- Heat-transfer devices;
- Sound attenuators;
- Diffusers, lattice;
- Air-valves;
- Deflectors;
- Round, rectangular, flexible blowing engines and etc.;
- Fixing-erecting shop articles.

High technical and quality characteristics of production, competitive prices, the shortest terms of order execution and attention to customer’s wishes allow us to state about collaboration benefits with Company.

Production of «TEPLO-PIPE» is the systems of heating of a high level and quality.

The construction of heat network of that type ensures the following advantages:

- Reduction of capital costs in building 1,3 less (due to lessening of effort of earthwork and refuse of using reinforced-concrete construction channels);
- Availability of operative remote test system (Оperative Distant Control) of system;
- Availability of laying in places of a high level of underlayer waters;
- Raise of life-duration resource of heat pipe-line 3 times as much;
- Reduction of operating costs 9 times less;
- Reduction of heat loss 3 times less;

The production of pre-isolated systems «TEPLO-PIPE» allows assembling heat pipeline as a children mechanizing.

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